About us

Neil Maclean-Martin is a sports physiotherapist with a sports injury clinic in Chamonix Mont-Blanc called La Clinique du Sport.

Neil has worked for more than fifteen years in the world of elite sport and is a clinical specialist in musculoskeletal sports injuries, is regarded as one of Europe’s leading ski and snowboard physiotherapists and regularly treats Chamonix’s pro-skiers and mountain professionals. His desire to produce what he describes as a ‘pre-habilitation programme’ came after treating ski injuries which he was sure could have been prevented by improved strength in key muscles used in snowsports which rarely get used in other sports or everyday life.

He created a fantastic ski fitness programme called SkiFit. The programme identifies the muscles you’ll be using when skiing and the basic movement patterns. Building strength into these muscles before you leave for your skiing trip will reduce the risk of injury.


Maclean-Martin said of the launch of the SkiFit website and app: “Last season I treated over 40 ACL knee injuries amongst a host of other ski and snowboard injuries. After looking at the research and talking with my patients about how the injury occurred I became convinced that many of them could have been avoided. I introduced my SkiFit classes last season in Chamonix and the feedback was outstanding. People quickly saw the results, of improved strength and being ready to Ski on the first day of the season. We are currently auditing the results; however, we are certain they are favourable as there have been no major ligament injuries from any of the group members. ”

Follow the link to read more about Neil, and ‘La Clinique du Sport’ – his sports injury clinic in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France.