SkiFit for everyone, any time & anywhere

With surprisingly few other fitness apps aimed specifically at getting ready for snowsports, SkiFit offers a series of high quality exercises specific to skiing and snowboarding which is suitable for all levels. SkiFit’s four phases will help improve strength in key muscles as well as developing flexibility and balance. Each phase of the programme consists of a 60 minute guided session that includes warm up, activation exercises, core work, circuits, coordination exercises and a final stretch down. 

Developed and tested in Chamonix by clinical specialists

SkiFit uses video to demonstrate the exercises which are led by world-class physiotherapist Neil Maclean-Martin.  Maclean-Martin is regarded as one of Europe’s leading ski and snowboard physiotherapists and regularly treats Chamonix’s pro-skiers and mountain professionals. His desire to produce what he describes as a ‘pre-habilitation programme’ came after treating ski injuries which he was sure could have been prevented by improved strength in key muscles used in snowsports.

Neil Maclean-Martin explains the importance of being ready for your ski holiday: “Many people go skiing without thinking about whether they are fit enough to hit the slopes. It is important to think about working the correct muscles for snowsports at least 6 weeks before you go away. It is hard when people have such busy lives, but that is one of the reasons we produced the SkiFit app. I am convinced that if we get more people working the specific muscles needed in snowsports and get themselves physically ready for their snowsports holiday, we will see less injuries on the slopes. SkiFit is easy to use and can be done at home or in the gym, and will get you strong for your ski or snowboard holiday.”

Develop movement patterns, strength, endurance,
balance and coordination

Skier's lunge
Skier’s lunge

The Full SkiFit programme

  • 8 weeks, 4 phases each building on the last
  • Follow Neil as he leads you through each 60 minute workout video
  • Each workout includes activation, core, circuits, balance and coordination exercises
    and a final stretch down
  • Correct alignment and movement explained
  • Clear instructions from an expert clinician